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Maria Tiramisu’s Comment Policy

The Maria Tiramisu community encourages home cooks to experiment in the kitchen, share ideas to improve the baking and cooking skills of its members, and explore the various cuisines and traditions of the world. The following rules for discussions and comments are used to protect our community, and promote a positive environment for sharing.

Rules for comments:
  1. Don’t be shy. Please contribute to the conversation, and stay on topic.
  2. Be truthful, respectful, and courteous. All voices are heard, and valued.
  3. Don’t use the comments section to promote your own site or product. No spam, please.
  4. No personal attacks or profanity. Offensive and abusive comments or links will not be tolerated.
We will delete comments, and commenters that do not follow these rules. You will not receive any warnings.

Private comments are welcome. Comments, criticism, and suggestions about the activities and policies of Maria Tiramisu can be directed to Maria Perugini. Please do not post them in public discussions. We would like to keep the comment threads on topic, and address your feedback as quickly as possible. Please submit your comments to info @ maria tiramisu . com.