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 Hire & Work With Maria Perugini

I bake. I teach. I manage projects.

Here are some of the services I offer…

Private baking & cooking lessons + Coaching (In-person or Online)

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  • I’m available for private cooking and baking lessons upon request. I could also help you out in the kitchen, assisting you or coaching you through recipes featured on my site, or new recipes you would like to try. Email info@mariatiramisu.com.

    ~ $24 per hour per person
    + The cost of ingredients
    Discounts for groups of 4 or more

 Recipe development & food writing

  • I develop recipes with a variety of ingredients, including fresh and processed goods. I love to learn about new products, and write about various foods and customs. Please take note that I work for compensation, and I prefer long-term projects and relationships with brands. Email info@mariatiramisu.com.

    Note for U.S. clients: It’s easy for us to work together. I would simply fill out a tax form for services I provide while I am in Canada.

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All recipes are tailored to your specific needs, and requirements.

Rates include: research; the time and skill required to create and write the recipes; transportation & shopping for ingredients; kitchen and administrative expenses; and applicable taxes.

The total price will vary depending on the complexity of the recipe, the time required to complete the project, and the cost of the ingredients. Rates are in Canadian dollars.

 ~ Rate for Recipe Testing: $49 to $199 per recipe + The cost of ingredients.

Description of the service: I test and improve existing recipes, reformat recipes, convert measurements to or from metric, proofread and edit text, etc.

~ Rate for Recipe Development: $99 to $399 per recipe + The cost of ingredients.

Description of the service: I research various options, purchase high-quality ingredients, and create & write an original recipe for your: website/blog, magazine, cookbook, newsletter, brochure, special event or occasion, or for private use.

Discounts are available for bulk orders.

    + I provide original food photography, and cooking videos for an additional fee.
    + I also create recipes for consumer packaged goods.

    Email info@mariatiramisu.com.

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 Private Food Tours in Montreal, Canada

With thousands of restaurants and bars, Montreal is every foodie’s dream. Montreal has a very distinct and welcoming culture where the culinary traditions of the world are embraced and celebrated. It’s the only French and English-speaking metropolis in North America, and has some of the best comfort food in the world (poutines, sugar pies, sugar shack meals featuring local maple syrup, etc).

  • Market Food Tour | @MariaTiramisuCA #food #market #tour #mariatiramisu

  • From haute cuisine to budget-friendly options, there are tours for every budget. I provide private, customized, and guided foodie tours in the Montreal area all year long (for 1 to 8 people). I could send you a list of possible tour locations and experiences to consider, or you could email me a description of the types of restaurants, farmers markets, pubs, etc you would like to visit and experience.

    Email info@mariatiramisu.com.


Travel Archives ButtonI love to travel, and share my experiences with my readers. I am available to travel anywhere in the world, and share what I see, hear, eat, & feel. No place is too far. No mountain is too high. I could visit your: restaurant, brand headquarters, farm, resort, retreat, festival, hotel, conference, competition, fundraiser, etc. I could also represent your brand during a sponsored trip as a travel and food writer/photographer. Email info@mariatiramisu.com.

Corporate events

  • I could plan and manage events, and projects for you. I have worked on numerous events since 2003 ranging in size from 16 to 600 guests, such as: international pharma conferences, meetings for Fortune 500 companies, steering committee meetings, networking events, local & international weddings, brand and promotional events, cocktail parties, dinner parties, community events, student orientations, & charity fundraisers. I also coordinated public and private events for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club and thousands of fans, including: Fan Appreciation Night, Jamboree 2006 street festival, The Canadiens Open Practice, La Grande Visite, and in-game promotions.

    Check out my LinkedIn page for more details.

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Brand ambassador

I could be your brand ambassador. As a brand ambassador, I could: feature your brand in blog posts; incorporate your brand in social media posts & YouTube videos; appear on-camera; travel and attend promotional events; etc. Email info@mariatiramisu.com.

Product reviews & giveaways

I could host a giveaway for you, and/or review your product. I prefer products which are useful for my readers (i.e. kitchen gadgets and appliances, edible products, cookbooks, electronics, etc). I will publish my honest opinion of your product. Email info@mariatiramisu.com.

Other ideas

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  • I’m open to new ideas, and suggestions.

    Let me know if you would like to collaborate on a truly fun, and unique project.

    Anything is possible!

    Email info@mariatiramisu.com