Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. Do you eat all of the food featured on your site?

I taste everything that I make, but I have a lot of leftovers from my cooking and baking experiments, so I usually give them away to friends, family, and the homeless.

02. Is it ok to post your recipes and photographs on my blog/website?

No, you may not use my content without prior written permission. Please email requests to info @ maria tiramisu .com.

To showcase one of my recipes on your website, please rewrite the instructions in your own words, and/or write about your experience with my recipe. Please credit me, and post a link to my original recipe and photo. Please mention whether your recipe is “adapted from,” or “inspired by” my recipe.

All of the content (i.e. photos, recipes, videos, articles, etc) on my website is copyright protected.

03. Where do your recipes come from?

The recipes featured on this site are original recipes (created by Maria “Tiramisu” Perugini), family recipes, or inspired by my travel & life experiences.

04. Why is this site called MariaTiramisu.com?

Maria Tiramisu is my nick name. And I love tiramisu. I love all desserts, actually. If I could choose my last meal, I would have a bite of a couple dozen desserts!

05. When was MariaTiramisu.com established?

The site was established in September 2014.

06. Where are you located?

I’m based in beautiful Montreal & Toronto, Canada, but I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. You’ll notice in my posts that I love to travel, and explore international cuisines and customs.

07. How do you pronounce your last name? Is Perugini an Italian name?

Simply say Peru (like the country), and genie (like in a bottle).

Yes, Perugini is an Italian name. I am a citizen of Canada, but I may acquire dual citizenship one day.

08. Can I substitute ingredients in your recipes?

Definitely, and make sure to let us know how it goes. You’re only limited by your imagination.

09. If I send you an awesome free product, will you write about it?

I might, if I really like the product. Please see the Hire & Work With Maria page for more details.

10. What kind of camera do you use?

I prefer to use a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens for food photography. I also use a compact Canon PowerShot ELPH 135 IS 16MP 8X Optical Zoom Digital Camera to take quick snap shots during my travel adventures.

I have more questions!

There may be an answer to your question on the About Maria Tiramisu page, or the Hire & Work With Maria page.

If you have any recipe-specific questions, please include a comment below the post, so everyone can benefit from the information and participate in the conversation.

Feel free to email additional questions to info @ maria tiramisu . com.